Secure Work From Anywhere

Secure Work From Anywhere

Secure Work From Anywhere provide a comprehensive technology that can give convenience and security guarantee to the company and the employees to work anywhere and anytime, to access company data with a secure connectivity, secure authorization application, and still can deliver a visibility to the company.

  • Unified Endpoint Management

  • Realtime Remote Support

  • Analytic and Automation

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Secure Access Service Edge

  • Virtual App

  • Zero Client for VDI

Enterprise Mobile Devices

Enterprise Mobile Devices

We provide Mobile Devices Solution that can be use from standard utilization to extreme utilization, mobile utilization, standalone utilization or integrated utilization with other solution that can be customized with your business necessity.

  • Android Enterprise

  • Handheld, Tablet & Notebook

  • Rugged Devices

  • Mobile Printer

  • RFID

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

On the other hand, we also ensure employees that have access permission to the data company are protected. This solution will help company to secure their employee from cyber attack such as phishing, hacking, etc. also to secure their working devices from Malware such as virus, worm, Trojan horse, for the most part of rootkit, spyware, et cetera, along with the other harmful and objectionable software. Wherein this will indirectly effecting to the protection of internal important data company.

  • Next Generation Endpoint Security and EDR

  • Mail Security

  • Data Leakage Prevention

  • Web Isolation

  • Manage Encryption

  • Mobile Endpoint Security

Access Management

Access Management

Will ensure that you can Always Trust the IT environment you owned, and Zero Trust to anyone who try to access inside the infrastructure or your company data resources. Hence by determining anyone will gain access accordingly to their needs.

  • Two Factor Authenticator

  • Cloud Access Security Broker

  • Internet Access Management

  • Network Access Management

  • Digital Right Management

  • Identity Access Management



This could give solution for company with multiple branches that in general connect every branches company to the Head Office, thus they need a secure and real time data connection that in general use connectivity such as MPLS, Metro E, Leased Line, etc. Generally, it requires OPEX cost which is quite expensive. This solution can save cost while keep maintaining data security and real time, so that it can increase the productivity and accelerate business process with relatively low cost.

  • Secure SD-WAN

  • WAN Optimizer

  • VPN

  • Load Balancer

Modern IT Infrastructure

Modern IT Infrastructure

We give a solution that suitable for company needs nowadays. By securing the IT Service for 24x7, it could serve well the business needs, and create a very flexible IT infrastructure which can follow any business shift, thus it can driven thebusiness to obtain company's goal and adapt with the market shift, mainly in nowadays competitive business environment.

  • Hyperconverged & Hypervisor

  • Network

  • Data Center

  • Infrastructure Automation

  • Data Backup

  • UPS

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

By redeploying lots of insensitive function to public cloud, will enable one organisation to gain benefit from a very high scalability and flexibility public cloud. There are several cloud service model that we provide such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

  • Serverless Computing

  • Scalable Virtual Machine

  • Storage Services

  • Domain Services

  • Container

  • Hybrid Data Center

  • Database

Network Infrastructure  Defence

Network Infrastructure Defence

Apart from data company, we also securing IT infrastructure, wherein this have an important role on one company operation. The cyber attack effort from the irresponsible party that can interfere or harm IT infrastructure in one company can be prevented by the solution from us, one of them is with the visibility towards IT infrastructure which are owned, thus it will simplify to make the preventive scheme and when doing the vulnerability mitigation.

  • Firewall Policy Management

  • Anti DDOS

  • Intrusion Prevention System

  • Security Information and Event Management

  • Next Generation Firewall

  • Web Application Firewall

Advance Vulnerability & Threat Management

Advance Vulnerability & Threat Management

To find, close and prevent vulnerabilities in our IT System, coupled with the increasing threats to network infrastructure, Server Infrastructure and Applications is one of the toughest challenges in today's IT world. With this solution we can assist you in answering these challenges.

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Network Detection and Responses

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

System Monitoring

System Monitoring

Apart from Network infra defense, we also monitoring IT infrastructure, network performance, and also user. This will ensure that all things is doing well and productive. All server and network monitor well. Also user productivity can be seen. Also all the task given to user are being done properly

  • Server Performance Monitoring

  • User Productivity Monitoring

  • Workforce Operation Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

As part of the visibility of the asset, we also provide some tools to check on all the asset, make sure that no missing information for the asset, and no overlap asset from another tools

  • IT Asset Management

  • Asset Intelligence

  • Patch Management

Mobile App and Firmware Security

Mobile App and Firmware Security

On level Mobile App Security we protect mobile applications from cybercrime and potential threat. On Level firmware security we continuously monitors and protects the firmware, components, and devices produced by leading information technology vendors and equipment manufacturers.

  • Firmware Security

  • Mobile App Security


As a company who specializes in providing IT Mobility, infrastructure and Security solutions, Malifax Indonesia offer services for comprehensive service ranging from providing consultation, doing design, creating master plan, giving proof of concept (POC), implementation, setup an infrastructure that are suitable fast, flexible, adaptable, and automated for every bussiness, to technical support after the sales.



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